The Israeli Initiative - Advantages

The Right Road for Israel:

  • A dramatic decrease in terrorism and removal of the demographic threat.
  • A moral solution to the refugee problem created in 1948. 
  • Halting the strengthening of the Iran-Hamas axis. 
  • Defensible borders and preservation of Eretz Israel. 
  • A regional peace economy with accelerated growth.

The Right Road for the Palestinians:

  • Millions of people will turn from refugees into citizens. 
  • A tremendous economic opportunity for tens of thousands of families. 
  • Turning Judea and Samaria into a center of economic growth. 
  • Freedom of movement and employment.

The Right Road for the West:

  • Preventing the Iranian axis from gaining control over the Middle East. 
  • Preventing the growth of international terrorist bases in Judea and Samaria.
  • Protection of the Christians and the holy places.
  • Stabilization of oil prices.

The Right Road for the Arab countries:

  • Halting the Shiite threat against moderate countries. 
  • Solution of the Palestinian problem. 
  • Opening a gate for dramatic economic growth in the region. 
  • Economic and environmental upgrading of the Western Middle East.