The Israeli Initiative - Summary

The Israeli Initiative proposes a moral, practical, and simple formula for the long term solution of the Israeli-Arab conflict.
Moral – A moral solution that addresses people, instead of a political solution that perpetuates the struggle, violence and poverty.
The Israeli Initiative offers Palestinians the option of turning from refugees into citizens, in countries having an economic and political future, instead of a puppet state lacking the capability of independent existence, as outlined in the Oslo Agreement. It proposes to end the human tragedy that has continued since the War of Independence, and to open up a future of personal and community hope for Israel and her neighbors.
A moral solution is one based on Israel's right to exist within defensible borders, while preserving its character as the state of the Jewish people.
Practical – Islamic threats against stability in the Middle East create a historic window of opportunity for the solution of the Palestinian problem and for cooperation based on mutual interests with Arab countries and the Western world.
The collapse of the Palestinian State permits new thinking and leads directly to the contents of The Israeli Initiative.
Despite the comprehensiveness of the initiative, it is modular: Implementation of even parts of the program will bring great benefit to Israel and its neighbors.
Simple – Without interim agreements, without entities possessing undefined sovereignty, without "expectations" or "strengthening".
The Israeli Initiative proposes a new-old map of the Middle East, in which Israel enjoys vital strategic depth and natural, defensible borders, remote from the centers of population, and maintains fruitful economic cooperation with its neighbors, for the benefit of the entire region.
The Israeli Initiative proposes a new path for peace that provides for an end to the human tragedy of all parties and offers hope after the painful collapse of the old peace concepts.